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MY TOUR EC is a premier Destination Management Company based in Quito, renowned for its commitment to excellence. We have specialized in curating tailored travel experiences for individuals, family groups, and luxury adventurers alike.

We stand at the forefront of luxury travel, offering meticulously selected services in the Galapagos, Amazon basin, Sierra Highlands, Pacific Coast and specialized programs in Colombia and Peru.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality travel experiences that unveil the essence of Ecuador's beauty and culture, ensuring that every journey is as unique and unforgettable.

Beyond leisure, our expertise extends to corporate events, meetings, and conferences. From convenient airport transfers, hotel arrangements, personalized welcome packages, and captivating guided tours of the most iconic destinations, we are committed to enhancing your guests experience.

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At the core of MY TOUR EC lies a profound legacy of passion and ingenuity, originating from the visionary pursuits of our CEO's father and uncle, Rubén and Eduardo Proaño. Their steadfast belief in tourism's transformative potential and Ecuador's captivating allure laid the groundwork for generations to participate in unforgettable journeys, merging nature and culture.

As scholars, scientists, and cultural enthusiasts from around the globe ventured to Ecuador, unexpected experiences began to unfold, revealing the pivotal role of personalized services in crafting enduring memories. These principles remain the cornerstone of our operations, setting the standard for excellence in all our endeavors. Continuously innovating to showcase Ecuador's treasures to the world has been an ongoing journey, filled with countless adventures and gratifications.

Today, discerning travelers seek profound connections with destinations, where every detail serves a purpose. MY TOUR EC, guided by its founder José Rubén Proaño, is dedicated to creating meaningful experiences by sharing the splendor of Ecuador with the world. We hope to continue uniting people through our passion for travel, adventure, nature, and culture.


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At MY TOUR EC excellence is our guiding principle. Our mission is to reveal Ecuador’s hidden treasures through tailor-made experiences with unparalleled support to ensure safety, comfort, and enjoyment.


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MY TOUR EC is committed to redefining the essence of travel, embracing Ecuador’s unique biodiversity. We aspire to curate transformative adventures that ignite the soul and nurture authentic connections.


Megadiverse Country

Discover the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, and the vibrant tapestry of Andean culture amidst the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Quito and Cuenca. From indulgent, first-class accommodations to meticulously crafted private tours, our commitment to excellence ensures that your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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